Cobot Toutilo

Introducing the versatile straddling Cobot for precision and quality farming, combining respect for the environment with social responsibility.

Stay focused on your work!

Complete several tasks in a single pass, avoid continually bending down and straightening up! The Toutilo is versatile and allows you to keep up an intense working rhythm. Several tasks can be done at the same time.


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Experienced farmers in market gardening, horticulture, nurseries and aromatic plants developed the Toutilo Cobot concept. The contribution of each of our customers helps to build the product evolution of tomorrow.

We favour proximity with our customers with more than 150 Toutilos sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

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We regularly carry out demonstrations with farmers.

You will find the dates below and the sector in which we are.
Do not hesitate to come and join us and call us on +33(0)9 72 52 86 67.

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Work in peace and quiet with the Toutilo’s electric motorisation. Productivity is clearly improved.